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In June we stopped to take in Chirk Castle which is a great National Trust site. There was a big Marcher Castle, built to protect us from those pesky Welsh Hoards, lovely gardens, some outdoor games (I won at Jenga), farm shop and animals. Too much for one afternoon but the best bit was our guide, Basil Fawlty's twin brother.

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  The first clue that you are there are these HUGE gates, about 2 miles from the house.   This is part of the castle, there is one section for each period - Edward I, Tudor, Civil War and Victorian Gothic.  
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  The formal gardens go right up to the castle walls.   There are really lovely bits with cottage planting - who are they trying to kid 'cottage'!  
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  This is the view back to the castle from the end of the formal lawns.   Paul made great friends with the chickens, feeding them pastry and pecans.  
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  I got the pig.